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I finally finished it!

Like I said before, a couple of years ago I really looked into the LC way of life and was searching for answers for the nay-sayers. I hopped onto a Yahoo! message board and, if you're familiar with them, you know they're unmoderated so there's plenty of room for trolls. Well, everything they had to say found me searching for a new article to rebut what they had to say. This started in 2001 and there's pretty much no one posting to the board now, so I decided to go through all 7,000 messages and I took out all the articles from the board. I complied them all on a Blogdrive message board here:

Articles found regarding pro-LowCarbing from 2001 to present

Of course, as I find new articles I'll post them there. I took off comments as this is simply an information source, not a debate board. Feel free to look around and enjoy your stay!

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