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Questions questions questions

Hi there!

I am a coach for a competitive swim club, and two of the girls in the senior group (not the group that I coach) have decided to go on a low-carb diet. I asked them if they were doing the Atkins diet, and they mentioned that there are too many carbs with Atkins. I almost fell over! Is there not a limit of carbs that someone following the Atkins diet must abide to (I think 20 grams per day)?

I didn't get into what they ARE eating, but I do know that they both do not care for meat very much.

Myself and their swim coach have been discussing how she should go about asking them what they're eating and finding out how much they have thought this through etc. When that time comes, I want to be able to suggest some things that they should be eating - but I know nothing about restricting carbohydrates (and I honestly am not going to buy an Atkins book, seen as I have no plans to follow the diet myself).

So I have come here to ask you guys; what do you eat? What should I recommend (like a sample day) to them so that they're getting all of the required nutrients to stay healthy?

I am pretty sure they went from eating normal (including carbs) to eliminating them the next day... is that going to cause them any weird damage or stalling or ???

Thank you in advance, I hope someone can recommend something so that I can stop worrying about those two! :)
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