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9th January 2008

platinumpinup11:31pm: Costco/Sam's Club
I just wanted to say man, you can get great and CHEAP bulk stuff for salads at these two stores!
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2nd November 2005

lennyisbuff6:54pm: veggie atkins meals and snacks!
tell me your favourites?!
especially those high in iron

13th December 2004

esprit_blanc10:14pm: 1 carb = ?

I've been under the impression that 1g Carb = 1 Carb.

I'm very confused.

11th December 2004

esprit_blanc12:10am: I'm seventeen and weigh around 97 Kgs. Well I'm guessing it's gone up to 100 since I last checked, *sigh*. Let me explain.

About three weeks ago a couple of friends of mine persuaded me to do a strict extreme form of Atkins' diet, not following the conventional 4-phase one described on the official website. They told me NOT to eat any salads or vegetables even (they said that they all had carbs and that fibre turned into carb) and to eat as much as I want of chicken, meat, and well, that's about it. Nothing else. So I did that for three weeks and it went fine. I actually felt that perhaps I was gradually losing weight. More or less everyone that saw me after that while insisted I had started to lose weight.

But then I started PMSing a few days ago and the chocolate craving became too much. It's like medecine for me this time of the month. I literally burn up a fever and feel delerious if I can't get my hands on any chocolate. And so I gave in and ran down to the supermarket where I stuffed my face with chocolate. Since then (Wednesday) I've been indulging: noodles, a muffin, a Starbucks frappuchino, a salad today...

My questions are:

a) Is it ideal that, with my weight, I do the 'extreme' Atkins my friends recommended to me, with absolutely NO Salads/veggies just NOTHING but meat?

b) How difficult is it, after this PMS phase is through, to get back to the diet I was doing effectively for 3 weeks?

c) Is it alright, from now on, if, once a month, I have some chocolate when I get crazy like that?

Would really appreciate sincere responses, thanks in advance.

8th August 2004

lil_ms_drama8:35pm: I finally finished it!
Like I said before, a couple of years ago I really looked into the LC way of life and was searching for answers for the nay-sayers. I hopped onto a Yahoo! message board and, if you're familiar with them, you know they're unmoderated so there's plenty of room for trolls. Well, everything they had to say found me searching for a new article to rebut what they had to say. This started in 2001 and there's pretty much no one posting to the board now, so I decided to go through all 7,000 messages and I took out all the articles from the board. I complied them all on a Blogdrive message board here:

Articles found regarding pro-LowCarbing from 2001 to present

Of course, as I find new articles I'll post them there. I took off comments as this is simply an information source, not a debate board. Feel free to look around and enjoy your stay!

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2nd August 2004

lil_ms_drama7:51pm: Ricotta Pancakes Recipe from "The Low-Carb Cookbook" by Fran McCullough.
x-posted to atkins, atkins_foods, atkins_diet, atkins_ongoing, atkins_daily, atkins_recipes and lowcarb because I don't remember which community I originally saw the request in.

Either way, it's a good recipe to have on hand. The recipe itself was found here. I love this particular recipe and I hope anyone else who tries it likes it too. The cakes are really heavy and fills you up quickly. I made these as silver-dollar sized and it only took 3 to fill me up.

Ricotta PancakesCollapse )

26th July 2004

glass_danser841:18pm: Hey all...
just joined the community cuz I just started the atkin's diet! And I think that this community might help me along, especially on those nights when I'm craving pasta or bagels or something, lol. I was a carbaholic. I have been on atkins for 3 full days now, and it's been kinda hard, but I'm gonna stick to it because tons of my friends are on it and have lost so much weight.

I don't know if it was necessary for me to post all that, but I thought I should at least introduce myself. Soooo, yeah, hi, I'm Eileen.

30th June 2004

magicdoula12:01pm: New Here
Long time on again off again Atkins-er. First time poster here.

We're thinking about restarting Atkins again sometime soon. I was hoping to find some suggestions on lunchtime at work. Dh works construction and so doesn't often get the luxury to sit down and heat up food. Any induction-friendly suggestions?
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25th June 2004

pandoranoir4:07pm: New Community

User Info

A community for anyone interested in the low-carb lifestyle who wants more information and discussion on low-carb research, veggie recipes, side dishes, and all aspects of low-carb vegetarian or pescetarian lifestyles, etc. Not an "anti-meat" community. This is as much for omnivores as it is for those avoiding or just occaisionally choosing alternatives to meat.

Need some new ideas for getting in your full allotment of healthy carbs?

Come join and begin the posting!

X-posted, of course

15th June 2004

pandoranoir8:48pm: RTFM
This diet is not about eating only salad and meat. This is not a "no-carb" diet. If you expect to be successful at weight loss and want to stay out of the hospital due to malnutrition. Read the book or read most of the website. There is no substitution. I'm sick of hearing about people in the news who had severe health issues and blaming it on "following Atkins" while they were eating 6 bunless cheeseburgers for lunch, a steak for dinner, and bacon everyday for breakfast.

x-posted like a motha'

14th May 2004

beautifamous3:11pm: induction vegetable question..
I've been all over Atkins webiste (or so I thought) and I cannot find acceptable veggies! I am very particular when it comes to food. I'll be fine with the protein (i.e. meat portion) but the veggies are going to be some trouble.

I know I cannot have corn, since it is all carbs.. but I only eat peas, green beans and raw carrots. Are those acceptable veggies? Also what fruits are acceptable if any?

(I'm hoping posting this here, and not x-posting gives me good responses.)

I am planning to being my Induction phase May 17th (Monday) and going into Phase 2 (i forget the term right now) by May 31st.

20th April 2004

sibyllam8:12pm: Some products people might be interested in. I don't want to bog this down with huge details. So if you want details, just email me what you want to know about. I can also email .pdf files of nutritional info.

I get all of these online from Quixtar. You have to be referred by a member to join (join as at Client for FREE). So if you want to join, you can use my IBO # 1533494 and last name WILSON.

If you don't want to join, then email me and I can make an order for you by credit card or PayPal.

XS Energy Drinks
0 carbs and no sugar energy drinks. Compare to something like Red Bull, but no carbs or sugar and only 12 calories. Flavors are Cran-Grape, Citrus Blast, Tropical Blast (also in non-caffinated), and Tea-Berry Blast with green and black teas (good to detox body).

Carb Blocker 2
Block up to 500 carbs per meal. And believe it or not, it's guaranteed. This dietary supplement provides an exclusive blend of natural plant extracts that blocks both sugars and starches to help you lose weight. See it here.

Trim-Advantage Protein Bars
Is it candy or is it a protein bar? Protein bars that actually taste GOOD. With only 4 grams of net available carbs. Good energy source without risking adding fat. Flavors: Carmel Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Fudgy Brownie with Almonds, Orange Creme, Roasted Peanuts (my favorite), and Stawberry Creme.

Ready-To-Go Protein Shakes with Soy
It’s a meal replacement drink that offers 15 grams of soy and dairy protein, plenty of amino acids, and only 140 calories. Flavors: Chocolate Carmel, Chocolate Fudge, Strawberries and Cream, and Vanilla.

These are all good things to use every day, or simply to keep on hand when you're craving so that you don't binge on something unhealthy and fattening.

There are a lot more products I could recommend. All are guaranteed satisfaction by Quixtar so I've tried a lot of things and they've all been better than anything else I've ever found.

Outside of Quixtar, there is the Lean For Life weight management program that has helped a lot of people.

Thank you.

(Graphic from the website)
necrodeadgrl3:20pm: Xposted

Revamped and open for all the ladies out there in Atkins land that wants that extra support or be a suporter. [info] join today!

12th April 2004

sofchance12:28pm: Hi...general questions...
I've been thinking about the Atkins diet for a while, but there are 2 concerns I'd have to start out with:

1. I already have high cholestorol - 838! - (I'm not that overweight though) so would it still be safe to eat stuff like lamb and chicken? Fish seems okay since it's all protein.

2. What if you were really hungry and wanted a sub sandwich or some chips; would that just ruin the diet or can you somehow counterbalance it?

Thanks for any help...
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28th March 2004

xtoxic_lovex5:33pm: new.. help please :)
Hey everyone! I'm very interested in the Atkins diet. Right now I'm bouncing between 138~140 and 5'7'' I want to drop about 20lbs. I was wondering which book is the best to buy and how much you all spend on food for a week? I'm only 20 and work a part time job so I'm praying its not as expensive as the SBD..
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21st March 2004

inevitable2:12pm: Ok...so I started doing atkins about two weeks ago and I've lost a total of 13 lbs. already. The strange thing was, I lost about 10 of those lbs in the first week (water weight and such, yes, i know), and then I went a whole week without even a .5 lb drop in the scale, then suddenly at the end of the week, I was down 3 more lbs.

My question is basically about the plateaus of the diet. What sort of weightloss trends do you all have? Is it like me where you go for a week losing nothing, then suddenly drop three lbs? Does that mean I messed up somewhere? Any insight would be great.

also, randomly: I broke down last night and had 6 chicken nuggets from McDonald's. I blame alcohol induced bad judgement. How much does fried meat effect you? Is there a carb count to stuff like that?

20th February 2004

chirogrl5:59pm: Fat Fast Food (x-posted)
Hi there!

Anyone have any suggestions for foods/recipes for the Atkin's Fat Fast/Modified Fat Fast, besides the ones listed in DANDR???

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8th February 2004

mertvie_tsveti1:47pm: new member
Hi everyone =)
I just joined this community because my friend and I have decided to try atkins. And I hope this is the right place to ask about this...

I am a certified chocoholic and being on Atkins and not being able to eat chocolate is my main road block. So my friend told me that as long as it's sugar free I can eat chocolate. But that brought up another concern. I have been taught by my family (since I had a diabetic grandfather) that anything chocolate or sweet that is labeled as being sugar free has nutrasweet which may cause cancer. Is there any proof to nutrasweet being linked to cancer? And are all sugar free sweets filled with nutrasweet?

thank you very much for your help!

7th February 2004

svesy7:35pm: Questions questions questions
Hi there!

I am a coach for a competitive swim club, and two of the girls in the senior group (not the group that I coach) have decided to go on a low-carb diet. I asked them if they were doing the Atkins diet, and they mentioned that there are too many carbs with Atkins. I almost fell over! Is there not a limit of carbs that someone following the Atkins diet must abide to (I think 20 grams per day)?

I didn't get into what they ARE eating, but I do know that they both do not care for meat very much.

Myself and their swim coach have been discussing how she should go about asking them what they're eating and finding out how much they have thought this through etc. When that time comes, I want to be able to suggest some things that they should be eating - but I know nothing about restricting carbohydrates (and I honestly am not going to buy an Atkins book, seen as I have no plans to follow the diet myself).

So I have come here to ask you guys; what do you eat? What should I recommend (like a sample day) to them so that they're getting all of the required nutrients to stay healthy?

I am pretty sure they went from eating normal (including carbs) to eliminating them the next day... is that going to cause them any weird damage or stalling or ???

Thank you in advance, I hope someone can recommend something so that I can stop worrying about those two! :)

22nd January 2004

justfrog12:40pm: Wingstop
Does anyone know how the Wingstop chicken wings run on the carb scales?

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19th January 2004

vixi11:32pm: Hi, I'm new and have a quick question
I know the book mentioned low carb tomato sauce. The best I could find were tomato sauces with 2-3 carbs per serving, and 1-2 grams of sugar per serving. There is no sugar/corn syrup listed in the ingrediants.. is this ok to have during induction? It is basically just tomato puree.

9th January 2004

crayzchika7:30pm: spring break is in the beginning of april and i NEED to lose 10 pounds by then. if i do that ill be SO happy its not even funny. but i cant diet! i dont know how! i need so much help! i belong to a gym but im always too tired from school to go. so i need to change what i eat to help me lose weight.

does ANYONE know a really quick way to lose 10 pounds im a short amount of time.. like what food specifically should i eat.. like what for breakfast, what for lunch, and what for dinner? i need it like spelled out for me. does anyone have any success stories that go with my problem? if so, what did u eat? like u hear about the people who lost 5 pounds in a week or a month. i want that to be me! so badly

ive never lost weight before. i used to be really skinny and ive just been gainig since then. i NEED that satisfaction of losing weight and accomplishing something. cuz its making me depressed. someone help! thanks so much!

7th January 2004

petpenguins5:20pm: Elizabeths
Inviting anyone named Elizabeth to The elizabeths community! And even if you're just an Elizabeth fan, you can join too!

I know this is off topic, so I apologise and if you must delete it go ahead. But I think Elizabeths are everywhere! :)

4th January 2004

winterswind10:40pm: I'm wondering.... which mainstream sodas are caffine free and sweetened with sucralose or stevia?

1st January 2004

silentmorgan1:50pm: Okay here we go. It's Jan. 1st. I'm starting my diet again after I kinda let it fade off into the distance a few months ago. I lost 30lbs on my last diet and gained 5-10 back over the holidays. I'm hoping to lose even MORE weight than I gained. Wish me luck everyone!
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